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piranha::key_is_differentiable< Key > Class Template Reference

Type trait to detect differentiable keys. More...

#include <piranha/math.hpp>

Static Public Attributes

static const bool value = implementation_defined
 Value of the type trait.

Detailed Description

template<typename Key>
class piranha::key_is_differentiable< Key >

Type trait to detect differentiable keys.

This type trait will be true if Key is a key type providing a method with the following signature:

std::pair<T,uncvref_t<Key>> partial(const symbol_idx &, const symbol_fset &) const;

where T is any type and uncvref_t<Key> is Key without cv/reference qualifiers. Otherwise, the type trait will be false.

If Key does not satisfy piranha::is_key, after the removal of cv/reference qualifiers, a compilation error will be produced.

Definition at line 1807 of file math.hpp.

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