piranha  0.10
piranha::series_multiplier< Series, Enable > Class Template Reference

Series multiplier. More...

#include <piranha/series_multiplier.hpp>

Detailed Description

template<typename Series, typename Enable = void>
class piranha::series_multiplier< Series, Enable >

Series multiplier.

This class is used by the multiplication operators involving two series operands. The class works as follows:

Any specialisation of this class must respect the protocol described above (i.e., construction from series instances and operator()() to compute the result). Note that this class is guaranteed to be used after the symbolic arguments of the series used for construction have been merged (in other words, the two series have identical symbolic arguments sets).

The default implementation of this class does not define any call operator: any use of this class will thus result in a compile-time error.

Definition at line 37 of file series_multiplier_fwd.hpp.

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