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piranha::math::mul3_impl< T, Enable > Struct Template Reference

Default functor for the implementation of piranha::math::mul3(). More...

#include <piranha/math.hpp>

Public Member Functions

template<typename U >
auto operator() (U &a, const U &b, const U &c) const -> decltype(a=b *c)
 Call operator. More...

Detailed Description

template<typename T, typename Enable = void>
struct piranha::math::mul3_impl< T, Enable >

Default functor for the implementation of piranha::math::mul3().

This functor should be specialised via the std::enable_if mechanism.

Definition at line 2664 of file math.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator()()

template<typename T , typename Enable = void>
template<typename U >
auto piranha::math::mul3_impl< T, Enable >::operator() ( U &  a,
const U &  b,
const U &  c 
) const -> decltype(a = b * c)

Call operator.

This operator is enabled only if the expression a = b * c is well-formed.

This operator will return the result of the expression a = b * c.

athe return value.
bthe first operand.
cthe second operand.
a = b * c.
unspecifiedany exception thrown by the invoked binary and/or assignment operators of U.

Definition at line 2682 of file math.hpp.

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